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tony.. tony.underwood at cox.net
Sat Nov 2 09:29:47 EDT 2019

> On 11/1/2019 9:06 PM, Hugo Miller via VirtualVairs wrote:
>> Never take anything for granted! I once assembled a Bristol 2 litre  
>> six cylinder engine. After I fitted the pistons, I had a piston pin 
>> circlip (snap ring) left over. I was certain I couldn't have 
>> forgotten to put one in somewhere, but of course I had to take the 
>> whole damn lot out to verify. Since then, I always COUNT the snap 
>> rings before assembly!
> This brought back memories of a guy some years ago who was freshening 
> up a big block chevy.  Got everything on the short block together and 
> was reaching for the heads when he noticed a single oil ring piece 
> (3-piece) in the corner of the overhaul kit box.  After a 2nd teardown 
> to find that all the oil rings were complete, his conclusion was that 
> someone had obviously left one extra oil ring segment in the package.  
> He was pissed.  The comments ranged from "s.o.a.b." to "I wonder if 
> some m.f. did that deliberately thinking he was being cute".  I said 
> nothing but was thinking "sucks to be you".
> I made a mental note to count everything next time I was in an engine.
> tony..

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