<VV> FC van choke and Greenbrier weatherstrips.

Hugo Miller hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk
Mon Nov 4 07:45:45 EST 2019

I have recently bought a 1961 FC 8 door van here in the UK. The carbs 
are set up for manual choke operation, but there is no choke knob in the 
cab, and no fittings for any cables in the engine bay. Any ideas what 
might be going on?
While on the subject, I aquired a pair of rear side window rubbers for 
a Greenbrier in the collection of spares which came with this van. They 
are Clarks C10061 and are brand new still in the wrappers. The previous 
owner had bought a complete set of weatherstrip rubbers, all of which I 
am using except these, which are no use to me. The one seal I DO need 
and which was not included is a windscreen rubber. If anybody wants to 
make me an offer for the Greenbrier rear window seals of swap for a 
windscreen seal, let me know. The Greenbrier seals are listed at $80 
each side, and the front screen rubber is $100. I will be happy be a 
straight swap, two for one, or sell the Greenbrier seals outright. If 
there are no takers on here I will list them on eBay.
I'm in the UK for the next two weeks then will bring the seals to 
Florida when I come over.

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