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Wed Nov 6 00:52:58 EST 2019

You are not the only one to do electric drill valve jobs!  I do the same 
method! Ha!

As long as the margin on the side and the pattern looks good, it is good.

Frank DuVal

On 11/2/2019 2:05 PM, N2VZD TIM via VirtualVairs wrote:
> IF the head looks clean inside , I used to put fine valve grind compound on the valve , put a little oil on the stem , run the valve against the seat a few times with a drill pulling it in place. Checking it for even surface. Then wash things well , reassemble and run it .That was Cob Job times on my own stuff years ago. (barn floor stuff)
> I would like to hear any more negatives (proven if possible ) on full fin cylinders. I have built several nice motors with them thinking I was doing the best job. Only one that bit Me so far  was severely overheated.  Maybe I must rethink things?Regards, Tim Colson
> http://cnycorvair.com/Little_Corvair_Shop.php

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