<VV> Survivor Vehicles, Going Forward

Kenneth Schifftner scrubbr at ix.netcom.com
Thu Nov 7 12:34:42 EST 2019

Great ideas being posted!

My two cents worth. First, I think it is a bridge too far to revise the current classifications relating to “stock”. Why bother. The square peg doesn’t fit the round hole. A new approach is needed. Second, seems to me there are already too many awards. There are so many awards that the the Banquet menu should also have a breakfast option. Third, and most importantly IMHO, is that a survivor vehicle is not just a vehicle but it is a vehicle PLUS a story. Likely a great story. For example, why was the vehicle kept near stock? 

How does one “judge” a story?  Why bother.

Suggestions: Create a new venue (hopefully situated near the Concours if space allows but not part of Concours). Spotlight survivor vehicles in that venue. Ask the owner(s) to write up a brief description of why the vehicle appears as it does and what they changed and why. No judging (perhaps informal judging as to originality by the SCG). No awards (unless at the discretion of the host club they want to provide some sort of award or awards). 

The reason for the written part is that the content could be used by the Communique (or local newsletter folks) as background info. It would also be a conversation starter.

Thanks to Kent for stimulating this discussion!

Ken Schifftner

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