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Allan Lacki redbat01 at verizon.net
Mon Nov 11 10:13:57 EST 2019

Folks who've been members of CORSA for a long time will remember Larry Claypool's series of "Stock-Is" articles.  They appeared in CORSA Communiques over a number of years.  The names of the articles and the issues in which they appear were cataloged by Kent Sullivan.  Kent's list appears on his own website and is duplicated on the CORSA website.  Here are the addresses where they can be found.

CORSA members can log-in and download those Communiques from the CORSA website.  Log-in and, using the navigation menu, go to "Publications" and then "Publication Archives".
I don't know if Larry's articles are infallible, but they're certainly very helpful.  Now we need a means of providing recognition to Corvairs that meet their criteria.
I've suggested that we revamp the CORSA Convention Car Display class structure to accommodate all-original / stock Corvairs, but Car Display judging is by people's choice - the "people' being other Corvair owners for the most part.  (Those are the majority of people who attend our Convention Car Displays).  That being the case, the judging would be not be a rigorous process.  Is that important?  

Allan Lacki
redbat01 at verizon.net

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