<VV> Survivor Vehicles, Going Forward

Allan Lacki redbat01 at verizon.net
Wed Nov 13 09:01:59 EST 2019

 I’m all for therevision of classes and awards to suit the current wants and needs of ourmembership.  But as I think this through,I’m starting to arrive at some personal conclusions.
1.  Please, no more awards!  We’re already giving away approximately 170trophies at each convention.  What aburden it must be for the host chapter to have them all inscribed with thewinners’ names before the banquet.
2.  For convention events, any new classes shouldbe compensated by the deletion or combination of existing classes.  Please, no more awards!
3.  With regard to a Stock-Is class, only a few membersare qualified to make snap judgements, right there on the show field, about what-isfactory-correct – shades of paint, rubber nubs, wiring harness connectors andthe like.  And we can’t count on thosepeople being there at each convention.  Further,there will be howls of protest if judges make mistakes about what is correct versuswhat is not.  So, credible judging would be tough to do.

Having saidall that, I would support a display of Stock-Is cars – as purported by their owners– either on a show field or located somewhere on the host hotel premises.  Something like Ken Schifftner hasproposed.  It need not be mandatory forthe host chapter to make such an accommodation, but it could certainly berecommended, just like many of the other convention activities.  Planning the amount of space necessary forsuch a display could be tricky.  Perhapsdo it by-invitation, like some of the more-famous concours d’ elegance events.
Allan Lacki

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