<VV> 110hp oil burner after serious overheat

N2VZD TIM n2vzd at aol.com
Sun Nov 24 11:21:13 EST 2019

I have a motor on my stand that was in my rampy. As I have written before , I really cooked it going to the Clark's show via the Mohawk trail on suspected under octane gas. I was trapped for at least a mile with no place to pull over and traffic behind me.Anyhow it runs great , compression OK , oil pressure OK etc. I tore it down last winter. I looked things over , no sign of problems you are all going to ask if I checked. I put new rings in ,ran a new light 220 finish on cylinders. Ran it , saw smoke from right bank , removed manifold , smoke was from #3 only. So I bought a new matching piston / full fin .060 cylinder and replaced it. That cured the smoke. I can not see the problem with the old Cylinder , and had the shop look at it. So now it still really burns a lot of oil still. I was hoping to get away with only new pistons or only new cylinders , but I guess I have to buy 5 more sets of both? OR maybe a set of pure stock stuff .This is one of 7 or more motors I built like this , all others run fine with no such problems.
Regards, A very tired Tim Colson

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