<VV> Belt replacement

FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Sat Nov 23 08:56:51 EST 2019

OK, once I took off a pulley on a 145, so NOT a harmonic balancer, while 
it was sitting on the ground,tightened the bolt back down. Reinstalled 
into van. One day while driving the vehicle, it backfired and stopped on 
the interstate. Towed home. Later found the distributor was way out of 
time, but had not moved relative to rear housing, bolt tight. Hmmm. Took 
out distributor, looked in hole, hey, why is the drive gear way to the 
rear in the hole? Let me tighten the pulley bolt...... moved the pulley 
in a bit, and now the belt fit through the gap better.

Somehow the pulley got cocked and let me tighten the bolt to proper 
torque without being up against the oil slinger / distributor gear parts.

Frank DuVal

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> Just rebuilt my motor on a 63 with the crank pulley instead of a
> balancer and installed it, now i am having a very hard time getting the
> belt to fit between the motor mount bracket and the pulley, i made sure
> the pulley nut is torqued , and have Gates belt called for, any ideas or
> has anyone else had this issue.
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> You have a harmonic balancer on your 63, and because it is thicker, the belt wont fit now. I had the same problem when I went to that pulley on my short stroke engine. I did it because the extra pulley thickness makes it easy to add magnets for a crank sensor for distributorless ignition. Anyways, to make room for the belt, you must also use a 1964 rear engine mount.
> Kevin Nash
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