<VV> 1964 Corvair Monza 2-door coupe 95 hp automatic powerglide

Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 13:53:56 EDT 2019

Although it will not determine the exact problem, a simple fuel pressure 
measurement while it is acting up will isolate the problem down to a very 
small list of possibilities that includes both Bob's collapsed fuel line and 
Hugo's tank vent problem.  Finding adequate fuel pressure would eliminate 
both possibilities.

(I'd still start with swapping out the coil and condenser.)

Jim Becker

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Mike, my Rampside suffered similarly a few years back and it was
hair-pulling trying to find the cause.  Finally, Larry Claypool
identifed it:  The rubber fuel hose connecting the tank to the steel
fuel line was collapsing internally.  When allowed to rest, it would
open up again and the truck would restart.  A new ethanol-resistant hose
fixed the problem.

Now, I am not saying with certainty this this is what is happening to
your car, but it's worth checking out.


On 10/4/2019 2:25 PM, Mike Dick via VirtualVairs wrote:
> I bought this car from a lady whose boyfriend tinkered with it but it 
> barely ran. I replaced the gas tank, put the two rebuilt carbs on, new 
> plugs, points, distributor cap and wires, rotor, and changed the oil. I 
> put some Union 76  fuel (91 octane) in it and she fired up and sounded 
> good. Put the timing light on it and set the timing. Took it out for a 
> spin and it sounded, and ran great....for about two miles. The motor 
> starting sputtering, like it was starving for fuel, it backfired twice, 
> and was cutting out real bad. I pulled over and checked the motor. 
> Everything looked good, nothing unusual. I let it sit for about a half 
> hour then restarted it and it fired right up and sounded good. Drove off 
> and was okay for about a mile then started doing the same thing again. I 
> got it home safely and parked it for a couple hours. I restarted it and 
> let it idle in my driveway for about a half an hour and there was no 
> issues with it. I'm reluctant to take it back out for another drive until 
> I c
>   an figure out what is going on with it. I'm not much of a mechanic. I 
> got this car because I'm a 62 year old guy that used to have one of these 
> when I was a kid. My 16 year old grandson lives with me and he and I have 
> been working on this thing together and I want him to have it when we get 
> done with it. Could the distributor vacuum be causing this to happen? I 
> didn't replace it but replaced the hose to the right carb. Vapor lock? 
> Trying to understand why the sputtering and spitting only happens after 
> the engine gets hot. Maybe electrical and not fuel related? Looking for 
> direction as to what I need to look at. Maybe the coil? I sure would 
> appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you in advance. Mike Dick

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