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Tue Oct 29 17:57:07 EDT 2019

G’day everyone,
I expect that I will not be the only one experiencing the following frustration and that many will relate to the following.

This morning (Wednesday morning in Australia) I made at least 5 unsuccessful attempts to log on to CORSA so that I could view the latest Communique magazine. These unsuccessful attempts at logging on included 3 unsuccessful attempts at changing my password.

I appreciate that receiving electronic versions of publications like the excellent Communique are increasingly part of life 2019, but the downside is having to have what seems like countless numbers of passwords that must include a minium number of letters and numbers. Added to this is the need to record or remember these passwords and in some cases constantly re-new them.

Without question we will in time, all learn to live with the need for these passwords, their limitations and the advantages of electronic copies over hard copies. Nevertheless for me it will be more of a case of simply not reading many publications simply because of the effort required to access them in the first place.

Life is simply to short to spend 45 mins trying unsuccessfully to access a magazine that in hard form could be accessed at any time without the need to have access to an electronic iPad, desk computer or iPhone (Cell phone).

There of course will be an opposite view to the above and I appreciate that in the end, nothing stays the same but I am about ready to give up totally on accessing electronic copies.

I refuse  totally to become a slave to things such ‘Facebook” and don’t ‘fortunately’ feel the need to have constant reports / photos on what my friends had for breakfast or of their grand children etc.

With the Communique I will just have to wait the extra weeks for the hard copy of the Communique to arrive and when its no longer offered in hard copy form then perhaps that will signal the end of my involvement with it.

Regards to everyone
Carl Kelsen
RHD 1965 Monza convertible
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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