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Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 30 18:48:24 EDT 2019

Welcome to the Corvair gang! You will get all sorts of opinions, here are mine:
I daily drive an Early Corvair and have for years. My daughter and I fixed one up which she daily drove for over 120,000 miles, and I still drive it also. I know of no parts availability issues for either Early or Late models. You will not have problem getting parts to keep them going. Because they have 5-lug wheels, the Lates are easier to buy custom wheels for, but they are available for Earlies also if you want them. There is nothing simpler to work on or maintain than a 1962-1963 Corvair. For a daily drive you may want to avoid Turbos because they are a little harder to work on, somewhat tricky to get tuned just right, and get worse gas mileage than a typical 2-carb car.
Either way (Early or Late) I don't think you can go wrong. Good luck!
<<Murray asked:
Greetings to all. I am an old-school diehard chevy man who will obtain his first corvair to keep forever very soon.
It will mostly be a weekend driver and grocery getter. I like any year, but the big question is: First or second gen?
Again it will just be a weekender, and will have a/c no matter what. Your opinion is greatly appreciated.
I am aware of the suspension differences. Thank you.
-- Doug Mackintosh Corsa member since 1996 Corsa/NC member since 1996, Virtual Vairs member Corvair owner 1969-1971 and 1996-on

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