<VV> Doughnut Spare Tire

mark at noakes.com mark at noakes.com
Sun Sep 1 14:47:57 EDT 2019

I've never had one blow up, but I've seen many nails and screws and one 
puncture that looked like heavy gage farm fence wire. Earlier this 
summer my son got slammed by debris from a tractor trailer tire that 
blew up right next to him, but those are common.

Mark N

On 9/1/19 2:16 AM, FrankDuVal via VirtualVairs wrote:
> When you hit the surprise pot hole, no aerosol sealer will fill THAT 
> hole!
> Same with getting a flat from shrapnel on the interstate, usually the 
> tire shreads before you get stopped.
> Frank DuVal

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