<VV> Corona Virus MK II

Hugo Miller hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk
Wed Apr 1 02:50:15 EDT 2020

With respect, I think you have this turned on its head. If you fear 
catching this thing, the answer is not to 'ban' the event, but simply 
not to attend. Why can't the individual make up his own mind about 
whether to risk it?
Also, if I may say so, there is something that is more dangerous than 
the virus itself, and that is statistics, or their mis-use. You state, 
correctly, that many more Americans will die from this bug than died in 
the 9/11 attacks. Yet every year influenza kills ten times more 
Americans than died in 9/11. That death toll goes un-remarked, but the 
current illness demands an emotional, some would say hysterical, 
I have a horrible feeling that this bug is not the last of its kind we 
are going to encounter. I think we would be well advised to prepare for 
that occurrence rather than panic over this one. It isn't the Black 
Death, after all - the next one could be worse.
And on that cheery note I'll say G'day

On 2020-03-31 23:35, Arlette Pat & Carl Kelsen via VirtualVairs wrote:
> G’day everyone,
> I do appreciate that not everyone will share the very REAL concern
> that I hold for impact that Corona Virus is having on our lives and
> will increasingly have over coming months if not years ahead!
> In the months ahead, we will look back and perhaps I will be proven
> wrong. I hope I am proven wrong but I don’t think this will be the
> case.
> Major events across the world have, for good reasons been cancelled.
> In Australia its now illegal for more than two people to be in close
> proximity. As I understand it, Corona Virus spreads between people
> with little effort, lives on surfaces for up to 4 days and total
> social isolation is VERY important.
> Many attendees at this years CORSA convention will be over 60 years
> old and some will have pre-existing medical conditions. Added to this
> fact, research in Australia has shown that younger people are also at
> risk.
> Legally the CORSA convention could not go ahead if it were being held
> in Australia. My prediction is that regardless of the view at 
> present,
> as the total confirmed Corona cases continue increase and spread
> within the United States and tragically as the death toll in the USA
> increases over the next few weeks, CORSA will be eventually be forced
> to cancel this years convention.
> Its worth keeping my mind that many more Americans will sadly die
> from this virus than died as a result of the 9/11 attacks. It’s
> equally sad, that many Americans can’t see what happening around 
> them.
> I have massive fears for my many valued American friends and FIRMLY
> believe that holding the CORSA convention this year will result in
> more deaths. Strong words but just take a look at Italy and ask
> yourself why this would not be repeated in the USA.
> The USA now has almost has double the confirm Corona Virus cases of
> China. Ask yourself where is the USA going to be in 3-4 weeks from
> now?
> Carl Kelsen
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