<VV> L E D shop lights. MY take

N2VZD TIM n2vzd at aol.com
Wed Apr 8 20:42:23 EDT 2020

I have a couple 4 ft cheap L E D shop lights in my cellar. They are BRIGHT and do not interfere with my ham radio equipment. IF they did , I would try adding ferrite clamp ons to the power cord.My shop has 8ft all weather fixtures @15 years old working fine. If I had not just bought 2 full sets of replacement bulbs 3 years ago , I would replace them all instantly. Bulbs last @10 years , then you notice things are not as bright..I hope LED fixtures are easy to clean , the dust buildup on my bulbs is hard to keep up with. I almost think the 4 ft LED units would be bright enough to replace the 8ft fluorescent. I hear the L E D make a noticeable difference in the power bill. My old business changed over and said it was a BIG difference.
Regards , Tim Colson

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