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Carl:  I did not intend to send the below to the VV mail list.  I apologize.
I must have had a brain fart.  I'm sorry.

Historically Yours,


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Carl:  I took great offence at you accusations about the US response to the
C-19 situation.  We are not responsible for this.  I do not remember any
comments about the despicable withholding of information of the Chinese
government.  Not to mention their lies.  Or any comments about Italy or
Span...or anybody else.   
Besides you were railing at people who have only occasionally, like in your
country, have power over those in positions of authority and decision making

Allan's response is the correct one.   As was then, it is now, the folks to
contact are the CORSA /CPF BoD.   Their group email is listed at the top of
one of the early pages of the Communique.  Please use it and drop the
subject on VV. 

As we now know, short of finding another hotel, CORSA Leadership had no
choice.  The State of California took over the Hotel and left us no room at
the Inn.  

I understand your desire to know what the plans are for 2021.  I want to
know myself, as I was hoping to fly from the mid-west to S. California for
the convention.  I'm sure the COSA leadership and the San Diego team are
asking the right questions.  Let's hope they find one or more good answers.
I know several of them reasonably well.  They are not dummies.  But they,
like the rest of us, ARE MAKING THIS UP AS WE GO ALONG. 

The US is not the only country facing serious issues.  Until a vaccine is
developed, or we all accidently develop immunities, this pandemic will
return and return and return.  Northern hemisphere to southern to northern,
around and around we go.   Africa could almost be depopulated.  Let's hope
it is under control across the globe by 2021.  But I'm not expecting it to
happen.  And I'm a optimist! 

Historically Yours,


PS:  How on earth do you get 6 weeks of vacation at a time?  

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