<VV> "Home-bound" in California

Seth Emerson sethracer at aol.com
Thu Apr 16 21:02:49 EDT 2020

Here in "isolated", home bound, California, waiting out the virus. (Like many of us, in a high-risk age group) Puttering around in the mornings, checking E-mail and, yes, Facebook. Then in the afternoon wander out to the shop to make any Ignition Wiresets due, and play with steering wheels and hubs, then back to the garage. I made a new tool which will allow me to add a bolt pattern to an existing steering wheel so it can fit different hubs. It required me to use the rotary table on my Bridgeport, something that I had not used before. Always learning.  I also made a tool that lets me trim off some of the plastic in a late Monza dash for a Tachometer mount. More info in a while, but it's a beauty. Now that the weather is changing, (80 degrees yesterday!) it will be hard to just hang-around inside, even in the playroom of the shop or garage. But I really need to do more garage sorting. - Seth Emerson     

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