<VV> Brake Shoes Material length

FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Sun Feb 2 22:11:57 EST 2020

Right just use them as is.

If something does not feel right later, you can use Ken Hand's 
instructions to cut the primary shoes short.



Frank DuVal

Just opened a box of shoes from our beloved MA vendor.  They are for a 1961

>> I'm doing.  Surprise, the shoes are the same length!  Even the shop 
>> manual
>> for that year shows two different lengths, one for the primary shoe 
>> and the
>> other for the secondary. Is there something I don't know about 1961 
>> shoes
>> other than the caution in the catalog that they are thicker in the 
>> pin area.
>> Bonded linings?  Just cut the excess material off  with your die 
>> grinder..
> Or just not worry over it and use the shoes as-is, won't really bother 
> anything other than the back shoe wearing more than the front shoe 
> which won't mean anything since the front shoe will end up lasting 
> longer than the regular shorter one.  Or something.
> tony..

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