<VV> Brake shoes.

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Mon Feb 3 14:50:24 EST 2020

As one who went toe to toe with a brake manufacturer several years ago over the shoe sets that would not fit inside a well worn drum, I gained insight into other parts of the remanufacturing process.  Originally the shoes were actually engineered (imagine that) so the softer secondary shoe would wear out at about the same time as the hard primary shoe.  Same deal on the length of the shoes.   The shoe manufacturer bean counters came to realize that they could cut their inventory in half by making the shoes the same length and let the customer eat the cost of a couple inches un-needed lining material.  We are only talking a quarter a customer off the shelf.  Effect on braking ability is negligible.  The shift to non asbestos lining did more damage to ability to stop your car.

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