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I don't know the size and shape of an Avenger fuel tank but whatever the configuration, even a minor vacuum level can exert a tremendous force.  Just one square foot of flat surface has 144 square inches.  If you have a mere 1 pound per square Inch of vacuum in the tank, you have an effective 144 pounds pushing in on that flat surface.  It is like having a man standing on the tank.  If the flat area is larger and/or there is more vacuum, the forces add up quickly.  A perfectly round sphere would hold up to pressure or vacuum much better but that configuration would be difficult to fit in a nook inside the car.
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A friend, years ago, had a Hillman Avenger, ( sold, I think, in small numbers! in the US as the Sunbeam Avenger ). He had the same problem with that car, resulting in the total collapse of the fuel tank. Incredible that the fuel pump could develop enough vacuum to do that.
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