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Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 13:26:42 EST 2020

So I guess this means the Chinese are doing a more faithful reproduction of 
the original Lucas parts.

I thought the British called a circuit breaker a "fuel pump" and it was a 
necessary regular routine to reset them with a hammer or large wrench.

Jim Becker

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A word about Lucas since you mentioned them - there is stuff on eBay
and elsewhere sold as Lucas equipment, in the correct green boxes and
everything. I have a feeling that the Chinese bought the name, but
whatever the story is, it's all absolute cr at p. . . .

The good news is that there is a guy in England manufacturing superb
repro Lucas equipment, such as regulators etc.

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. . . circuit-breakers 'pop' and need resetting, whereas the Chevy light
switch will come back by itself when it cools down. I think that's
correct, isn't it? Clever idea though. Having your headlights suddenly
go out on a dark night is mitigated by the fact that they will at least
come back by themselves ;)
. . .

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