<VV> Balance point for power pack

Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 10:39:08 EST 2020

Quoting the '60 Shop Manual, "The center of gravity or balance point of the 
complete power train is located approximately .200" behind the front face of 
the cylinder block."  I assume this is with a 3-speed manual transmission. 
A Powerglide only adds about 20# to the 460# of the complete unit, so I 
wouldn't expect that option to move it much.  Other variations of 
engine/transmission shouldn't have much effect either.

I find it somewhat amusing that they say "approximately" then quote the 
position down to one thousandths of an inch.

Jim Becker

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Where is the balance point for the Corvair engine with Differential& 
Transmission attached? I am thinking where bell housing attaches to engine 
block but not sure. Thanks John Gull

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