<VV> FC's at Barrett Jackson at Scottsdale January 15th, 2020

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If you are thinking of selling, increased values are good.  Unfortunately, I think that the lower values is what will attract future buyers to our FCs.  VW FCs are ridiculously overpriced and far inferior.  The Ford and Dodge versions just did not measure up to the Corvair FCs and the Jeep model is too different to compare.  


The current attraction of our FCs is the low price to get into the hobby.  It is critical to develop the farm team of car enthusiasts as much as we can so that when we all pass away, there is somebody left to buy our old heaps, otherwise they will all go to the scrap pile.  Low priced entry level models are critical for this.  I feel that over the next ten to twenty years there will be a glut of old cars coming on the market.  Those with enough money can cherry pick but a lot of cars will be of limited interest and may well end up neglected or scrapped.  Has every old car owner/enthusiast done enough to kindle interest by young people?  


I read an interesting article lately that espoused that the age of the automobile has peaked and is on the downhill slide.  I know that for years before my birth and through most of my years, the new car showroom has been the mecca for many men, and that was the beginning of the argument they presented in that article.  It then presented some opinions that the current mecca for young men is the electronics industry - The generation of today would rather have the latest cell phone and ride public transit. 

Here are a couple of links to similar columns, I could not find the same one again…




How can we, as current owners of these old gems, buck this trend?  How can we generate interest by the younger generations in old cars to at least maintain values?


Eric Taylor


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Our time is coming!


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Good of course!  What can possibly make value appreciation a bad thing?


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I see at least two FC's sold at BJ Auction at Scottsdale January 15th, 2020.

A yellow, very original, unrestored '62 Rampside went for $26K +buyers 

 premium .  That one was owned by a close friend of mine until he 

 passed a few years ago here near Vancouver, Canada.  It has been in a 

 collection ever since then.

Also, a '61 Loadside fully restored and beautiful went for $39K 

 +buyers premium.


Is it good to see prices increasing on these trucks?  Or bad?

Eric Taylor


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