<VV> Blowing out the swarf

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Tue Jan 21 00:00:47 EST 2020

Having installed easily a dozen KD inserts over the years without help or advise from those who had been there, I was highly concerned about chips in the combustion chamber also.  So I started costing the tool with grease.  Take a few turns with it, pull it back out,  clean it with brake clean,  grease it and go again.  Usually a half dozen passes would get the job done.  Most of the efforts were by the side of the road.  Then I would use brake clean to get the grease out of the hole.  Do a blow out and then clean it again.  We don’t want any Lube on the threads.  Last thing would be to dump a few CCs of oil in to take care of what the brake clean might do to the rings and walls.  Never had a failure of my own doing.
BTW doesn’t anybody ever clean up their headers and trailers when they post?  It took me over 5minutes on my iPad to clean this one up before I posted.

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