<VV> FC's at Barrett Jackson at Scottsdale January 15th, 2020

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Tue Jan 21 20:59:21 EST 2020

My brother has had his 55 Chevy street rod almost as long as he has had 
his 65 Corsa. The 55 went to a lot of shows and took home a huge number 
of trophies. People were always tormenting him to sell it; telling them 
he wasn't interested wouldn't stop it. He finally came up with a price 
high enough to shut them down. Instead of going away quietly, they 
cursed him and called him an idiot. After dealing with the problem for 
several more years, he finally fixed the problem; he quit showing the car.

I just tell people no and won't talk to them further.

Mark N

On 1/21/20 8:14 PM, Bryan Blackwell via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Yeah, it was funny the first ten times.  Most recent version:
> Dumbass: "Is it fer sale?"
> Me: "Well, it doesn't have a 'for sale' sign on it, but yeah, I guess everything's for sale if you've got enough money.  Heck, I'll sell ya the house for enough money I just gotta tell my wife to pack a bag."
> Apparently this, delivered with a sarcastic tone, was too subtle.
> So he shows up with some lackey in tow on a Sunday afternoon, and commences snooping around.
> Me: "Can I help you?"
> Dumbass: "Yeah, I'm so and so, I'm here about the car."
> Me: "Uh, ok"
> Dumbass: "You wanted to sell it, right?"
> Me: "I said I'd sell it for enough money.  Like stupid money."
> Dumbass: "So what's stupid money?"
> <The car in question is worth like $5k, $10k tops, in it's current condition, but fully restored might get $50k or so>
> Me: "Fifty thousand dollars."
> Dumbass: "Well, uh, that's a lot of money."
> Me: "I did say 'stupid money'"
> --Bryan

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