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Hi folks,

It looks like I'm finally going to get back to my panel install on Pamela the '66, it's been a shelf for too long.  And as a recent GRM column noted, it's taking up shop space.  Much as the excuses might be good, I think I'll get back to it this weekend and do *something*.  I picked up some All Metal filler, I've heard good things about it, to handle the corners that were originally leaded.  Anyone else getting on with a project?  I suspect some of us could use some positive reinforcement.


Yes, I am “getting on with a project”… my rusty trunk!! Years ago now, I hit a deer and crunched the nose and hood. At the time, I bent the hood back and took out most of the deer damage, although I could not get the hood to open with the key, as the safety hook wasn’t working properly. Recently, I had a tire blow out and then remembered that I couldn’t get the hood open to get the spare out, and fortunately, the spare was at home… got a ride home, got the spare, came back to the car and took care of the blow out on the side of the road, and then resolved to fix the darned hood latch!!
   A few days later, I took care of the latch by replacing it with a near new one, and then got to looking at how awful the trunk looked, with rust all over. Hours of wire brushing and 2 treatments of Ospho, and I’m nearly ready to begin painting… the trunk looks really solid!!
Kevin Nash
63 Turbo, EFI daily driver

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