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James P. Rice ricebugg at comcast.net
Wed Jun 17 17:19:24 EDT 2020

All:  The Feb 2020 issue of Thoroughbred & Clastic Cars has a generally
sympathetic article about 1963 Corvair Monza Spyder Turbo.  The author
claims it is the only running turbo Spyder in the UK.  The story line is
both a comparison with the early Porsche 911 and  "what might have been".
He says "It may be flawed, but it was only ever mere details away from being
a genuine rival to the Porsche 911"  The Fitch and Yenko efforts are
mentioned as desired enhancements.  But he doesn't mention the LM cars.  The
car pictured is a 1963 coupe, which is in need of a restoration.  Article is
9 pages with several large photos.   Issue cost was US$10.50.       

I got my copy at the reasonably local Barnes and Nobel.  Their magazine rack
is a hodge-podge of issues from January thru April due to the broken
delivery schedule the C-19 mess has created.
Historically Yours,
		James Rice

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