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Thanks Paul,
I have a wastegate installed, alchohol inection, Safegard.
Im just looking to upgrade the cold starting and eliminate turn cut out issues.
Was hoping someone had experience with this setup.
Thank you,

Jim- All installs that I'm aware of with the Holley Sniper set up are blow through... there's some hacks needed to make this system work as a draw through set-up, if that is your intention. The manifold air pressure sensor is reading pressure from under the throttle, so on a N/A set-up, this is "manifold pressure", on a blow through turbo it is reading the correct pressure as it is after the turbo and will be adding fuel and correcting the timing properly on that basis. As a draw through set up, for this to work, the map sensor MUST be reading pressure after the turbo, and from what I have been told, it is not easy to do. The other thing is the wisdom of shooting gas through the turbo... effectively "intercooling" prior to the turbo, and this is a big reason for draw throughs having a reputation for being "lag monsters".... the turbo has to work extra hard to spin the colder the inlet is. My draw through EFI set-up injects fuel at the ports, and the throttle body is my old weber 45 dcoe carburetor that has been gutted... it's flow rating as a throttle body is 750 cfm, and has so little restriction to flow as to be less than an air cleaner. This set-up has turned out to be pretty amazing once I got it dialed in right- it runs like a NA car does out of boost, and when I stand on it the boost is freaking amazing! first gear boost is between 5-10 psi, and second gear boost can go over 20. My timing and fueling is set-up to be safe all the way out 22-23psi, and I try and keep it under 20.

 Kevin Nash
 63 Spyder, daily driver, EFI

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