<VV> Blowing fuses

FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Sun May 3 22:56:24 EDT 2020

I use a headlamp instead of a test lamp. Can see it from one end of the 
car to the other.;-)

Yes, the headlamp switch parking/tail circuit is fed from the fuse box, 
see 1965 shop manual page 12-25.  It is a Black/Orange 20 awg wire.

I too have seen the dome light short to the roof.


On 5/3/2020 4:41 PM, Hugo Miller via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Haha if your test lamp lights up, all it means is there is current 
> flowing. If there is a dead short, you will blowing test bulbs instead 
> of fuses ;)
> That fuse doesn't feed the light switch, does it? The tail light fuse 
> has to be downstream of the light switch, surely?
> On 2020-05-03 20:28, Jim Becker via VirtualVairs wrote:
>> First thing, I would probably hook a test lamp across the blown fuse.
>> That will save a whole pile of blown fuses.  Any time it lights, a
>> fuse would have blown.

>> Snip
>> Jim Becker
>> The 10 amp fuse protecting the tail/brake lamps, glove box and
>> courtesy lamps and clock (etc?) in my '66 Corsa blows upon insertion,
>> even with lamps off.  My level of electrical expertise is low, but it
>> sounds like a direct short to ground.  I've done a cursory inspection
>> of exposed wiring in the engine compartment and under the dash and
>> haven't found any damaged insulation. Any suggestions of most likely
>> problem areas that I should investigate first??  Thanks.
>> Kent G
>> St. Louis, MO

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