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Bill H. gojoe283 at yahoo.com
Wed May 6 15:07:19 EDT 2020

Hi Kent:  
You are lucky you've got some great advice from the Corvair experts on here.  Just to add my two cents, I was having all kinds of electrical gremlins in my 66 Monza, the worst being the car's electrical system completely shut down while driving on the highway (resulting in a stall, but a restart usually worked).
I found that 54 year old wiring, combined with some (admittedly) poor re-wiring done on my part, contributed to outages in various parts of the electrical system.
I know this may be overkill, but I replaced the wiring harnesses in the engine compartment, body-to-engine, and dash/fuse box.  Expensive and time-consuming (especially the dash harness), but in my case, well worth the trouble.  Since I replaced the harnesses, I've had no electrical or stall issues (thank G-d)!
A couple of trouble spots in the Late Corvair include the back of the fuse box touching the metal floor (and shorting out fuses) as well as that tricky tab contact at the lower part of the instrument cluster just to the left of the steering column, which MUST be well grounded to avoid weird light problems.
I put a plastic insulator behind the fuse box when I installed the new one, and invested in a tab-nut-screw set to replace dash screws and retainers missing from the instrument cluster that could result in a poor ground.
Your turn signal cancelling mechanism is strictly mechanical and should not impact the electrics at all.
Best Wishes...Bill Hershkowitz66 Monza Sport Sedan, 110 PG Factory A/C

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