<VV> Cam Timing

Brian bmoneill at juno.com
Sat May 9 08:40:12 EDT 2020

I am working on an engine that sat for a number of years.  It was built about twenty years ago using 3 9/16 Pistons and cylinders.  It has a cam but I don't know exactly what it is.  When I installed it on my run stand I could tell things were not right.  I have done a lot of disassembly and found that one of the rods was hanging up on its respin and that they was oil in a couple of the cylinders.  One of the cylinders showed more than expected wear.  I I wanted to check to make sure that the cam timing was correct.
 On page 39 of the Tech Guide, there is a diagram on the right side of the page which shows the timing mark on the cam gear visible through one of the bolt holes on the hub of the crankshaft.  It appears from the diagram that the timing mark on the cam gear should appear centered in the bolthole.  On this engine 20 Mark appears off-center.  Is it correct that the timing mark should appear in the center of the bolthole?  I am trying to avoid taking the case apart.  Many thanks in advance.
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