<VV> Video of Corvair Society Of America 2020 Membership Meeting

Allan Lacki redbat01 at verizon.net
Fri Nov 13 08:55:45 EST 2020

The Corvair Society of America held its Membership Meetingfor 2020 on the evening of Tuesday, November 10 via Zoom.  A video of the 2020 CORSA Membership ZoomMeeting is now up on YouTube. Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/t776_CKVOZQ It is 1 hour and 24 minutes long. The first couple ofminutes of the session were not recorded, so it starts with Mike Hall talkingabout plans for the 2022 CORSA Convention in Peach Tree City, Georgia. Butaside from that, it’s complete. Presenters included Mike (President), Jeannette Alberte(Membership), Jerry Brown (Merchandise), Allan Lacki (Secretary) and PaulSergeant (Treasurer). The presentations were followed by a question and answer formembers beginning at the 41st minute. The question and answer session lastedfor the remainder of the Zoom session.  Sixty-eight members were participated.  Special thanks go to CORSA Board Member JoshDeitcher, who arranged, moderated and recorded the meeting.  And of course, we thank all of you who were there with us.

Allan Lacki
redbat01 at verizon.net

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