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William Hubbell whubbell at me.com
Mon Nov 16 16:12:40 EST 2020

Stock Corvair Group offers several online resources to help answer your Stock Corvair related questions:

SCG-List - an CORSA email group, similar to Virtual Vairs, administered by Stock Corvair Group, open to anybody - send and receive emails to everyone on the group list. 

Facebook Stock Corvair Group - A Facebook Group where you can ask or answer questions, post photos, etc., administered by Stock Corvair Group, open to anybody on Facebook: 

Stock Corvair Group Facebook Page - Official Facebook Presence of Stock Corvair Group CORSA Chapter 010 - articles of interest, Chapter news, etc. - open to anybody on Facebook.  While you can post questions here, they are only visible to the moderator - use the Facebook Group instead for a more public experience:

Stock Corvair Group Website - Open to any CORSA member, repository for Stock Corvair Research, articles of interest, links to other Websites with Stock Corvair Information - 

Bill Hubbell
Stock Corvair Group President

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