<VV> Testing your "ZOOMABILTY"??

mark at noakes.com mark at noakes.com
Wed Oct 21 20:27:21 EDT 2020

You don't have to have a camera to use zoom, and if you are missing a 
microphone on your computer IF the zoom meeting is set up right, you can 
view any posted content (shared screen) on your computer and call in for 
two way audio such that it shouldn't kill your phone as fast with a cell 
call as it does with cell data.

Ask that the meeting be set up that way.

I prefer webx or microsoft teams, but most of the meetings I have with 
university partners are done with zoom. It works.

Mark N

On 10/21/20 8:18 PM, Jay Maechtlen via VirtualVairs wrote:
> My desktop doesn't have a camera at the moment, so I've been attending 
> our club zoom meetings on my phone.
> But it sucks the battery down fast (even with charge cable connected 
> ?!) that I finished our last meeting on the desktop.
> Microphones are cheap enough, one of my buddies gave me one years ago.
> But either one works.
> cheers
> Jay 

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