<VV> FW: Help: Speedo

Matt patiomatt at aol.com
Thu Sep 10 21:32:01 EDT 2020

Another quick update: the '61 successfully passed state inspection after replacement of the front turn signal sockets. The car is running great, and we have done a few more items. But a new problem came up yesterday.

I took my wife out for a drive around the neighborhood in the afternoon. As we were driving, a squealing noise started coming up from the speedometer. As I rounded a corner near the house, the speedo stopped working altogether. There was no needle wobble prior; the needle stayed true and accurate. Yes, it has been a while since the cable was last lubricated.

Any thoughts? How do I determine if the problem lies in the speedo cable or perhaps the #2 worm that Clark's says is usually the culprit?

Thanks in advance!

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