<VV> Stalling issue

FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Wed Apr 7 21:39:54 EDT 2021

"and is correct for the timing cover "

I have seen defective balancers where the ring has moved, and defective 
riveted pulleys with loose rivets. Good warning there.

But, I've never seen a crank pulley or balancer that did not have the 
line at zero degrees by design. They seem to be interchangeable with 
respect to timing marks. Same with rear covers, the zero never moves, 
just some go to higher advance numbers than others. 24 degrees requires 
a riveted on extension.

Frank DuVal

On 4/7/2021 3:16 PM, Jim Home via VirtualVairs wrote:
>> Check to make sure the balancer hasn’t spun and is correct for the timing cover if things have been replaced
>> Pittsburgh

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