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Thu Apr 8 07:53:39 EDT 2021

I have a few sets of ultra rare 140 HP secondary carburetors with factory idle circuits, if you are looking for a cure to some problems related to yours. GM added this sometime in 1968-9 to address owner concerns with idle quality. You can read about them in my eBay store, but contact me directly for a better price without their fee. They look exactly like stock carburetors, but have a special venturi cluster with an extra vent hole to balance the fuel flow and maintain a good mixture. They don't have any adjustments. They need to find a home other than a museum. I also have several sets of 66-69 with the factory supplied heavy duty lock out linkage that can't be bent, no matter now hard you push on the accelerator pedal before the primary chokes open. They are still like new and cadmium plated. 
The Carbmeister

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