<VV> VERY modified Vair wagon "rescues" a Toyota Tacoma

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> Too bad nobody was around in time to rescue the Corvair.
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> Subject:  VERY modified Vair wagon "rescues" a Toyota Tacoma
> Chevy Corvair Off-Roader Rescues Stuck Toyota Tacoma: Video
> <https://gmauthority.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=fbb4437084c33acc25fbd24ca&id=1cc316b972&e=971e7980a8> 

This is Matt's Offroad Recovery.  They have a lot of youtube videos 
demonstrating some amazing rescues, mis-haps, and struggles.   They also 
have connections with a service shop that has a batch of Corvairs in it 
which is likely what inspired this Lakewood 4WD addition to the "yellow 

Interesting stuff, enhanced by the Corvair influences via the service 
joint.  The rescues are also worth a lot of youtube time. :)


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