<VV> glass question

Jim Simpson simpson661 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 12:24:59 EST 2021

You can get piano wire from Home Depot among many other places.  It's
basically just single strand high-tensile steel wire.  The key is not to
get it against the edge of the glass and cause a crack.

There used to be electrically heated knives that seemed to work well, but a
quick look on the internet didn't show any.  (I didn't search all that
hard, but a friend in the local club has one.)

As far as trying to soften the adhesive, you might try the 3M adhesive
remover although that might just take off the surface layer.  Or you can
try something like distilled spirits paint thinner and let it soak for a
while.  NOTE THAT I haven't tried either on the edge of laminated glass to
see if it would soak into the lamination layer though.

And of course you could hire a professional glass company to remove it.

Jim Simpson
Group Corvair

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