<VV> Bench testing Petronix unit?

Bill H. gojoe283 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 24 14:42:28 EST 2021

I'd say, putting my two cents in here, that since the Pertronix unit works off a magnetic field and 12 volts, you could test it by mounting the round magnet unit on a spindle and the pickup unit next to it, stationary with the same gap as in the distributor, you could then hook up the electrical connections to a 12 volt source. 
You'll also need a test light connected to the output wire (which normally goes to the coil) I could see that the test light would turn on and off as you rotate the magnet. 
Personality I've installed a Pertronix in every Corvair I've owned, as well as in my other collectible car (Slant Six Dodge Dart) and I've never experienced a problem with the product. 
Good Luck... Bill Hershkowitz 66 Monza Sport Sedan 110-PG-A/C

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