<VV> Turbo Carburetor

Cliff Tibbitts cliff at tibweb.com
Sun Jun 6 10:36:14 EDT 2021

> Tom, I would begin by replacing the Petronix with regular points and
> condenser.   The problem with the Pert II is that it has variable dwell,
> I've seen it get as low as 17 degrees of dwell at idle.  At that low level,
> it just doesn't produce enough spark to keep an engine running.

Hello to All,just rebuilt my 180 turbo, installed pertronixII,sent carb to
> Wolf for a rebuild car starts fine will not idle any lower than 2/2500rpm
> no matter what I do,so installed a weber 40dcoe same thing with idle except
> manifold from turbo to carb gets ice cold lots of condensation both on
> manifold and inside carb on air tubes, jets etc. WTF,any ideas?

> -

Cliff Tibbitts
cliff at tibweb.com

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