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On 6/6/2021 10:36 AM, Cliff Tibbitts via VirtualVairs wrote:
>> Tom, I would begin by replacing the Petronix with regular points and
>> condenser.   The problem with the Pert II is that it has variable dwell,
>> I've seen it get as low as 17 degrees of dwell at idle.  At that low level,
>> it just doesn't produce enough spark to keep an engine running.

Just for sake of mention... on Any turbo engine I'd be looking at the 
ignition timing.  And, I keep seeing people with Pertronix ignition have 
problems with the control boxes and not just in Corvairs but with Mopar 
musclecars as well... and likely everything else, but I'm only mixed up 
with Corvairs and Mopars.

I'm not just picking on Pertronix... just mentioning what I've seen 
along the way.   And there are flocks of turbocharged Corvairs out there 
that run just fine without a Pertronix ignition system.    I'd still 
look closely at the ignition timing and what it's doing, as well as 
making sure you have no vacuum leaks anywhere.   You might wanna try 
hooking up a vacuum gauge as well to see what's happening when you try 
to slow the idle down.

There's also that old adage of "Run what the engine likes, not what a 
book tells you it should like".  When you have a turbo engine that's 
saddled with those trashy 180hp turbo bath-tub chambered heads on it, 
you will have your work cut out for you. Just an opinion, nothing more.


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