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If there's a question as to whether a cast iron cylinder is hard enough, 
cast iron Can be hardened via proper heating/cooling/cycling.   I was 
watching closely as at least one major auto manufacturer began 
addressing the lack of tetra-ethyl lead in motor fuels which could cause 
exhaust seat erosion in cast iron cylinder heads.  While some makers 
went to hardened seat inserts, some other makers began using 
induction-hardening around the exhaust valve seat area in their regular 
production cast iron heads that had been relatively unchanged since 
1958.  Lots cheaper than cutting valve seats and pressing in hardened 
seat inserts.

Cast iron hardening has been happening for quite a while, via flame 
hardening or induction hardening.  Iron cylinder hardening is a part of 
the manufacturing process for most commercial vehicle engines (diesels) 
that get worked long and hard.   No reason a Corvair cylinder couldn't 
be hardened the same way.


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