<VV> Holden project in Communique

clynn66 at bigpond.net.au clynn66 at bigpond.net.au
Fri May 28 11:54:52 EDT 2021

It was very interesting to read the "Holden Project" article in the June

The article mentioned GM used badging from the Australian Holden "FD and FE"
models but there was never any FD model. It should have read "FC and FE"
models. I learnt to drive in a 1958 Holden FC station wagon. It is
unfortunate there are no prototypes around and I am surprised nobody has
tried to build a replica. Holdens were the most popular cars here at that
time and there would be plenty of badging and hub caps in our junk yards if
anybody ever decided to do a replica. There would also be a few Vauxhall
cars so maybe it would be a project for somebody down here to do. 

Colin LYNN


Perth, Western Australia

1964 Spyder Coupe. 

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