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It seems that could be said of any auction house.  They do not inspect and represent the cars, they are just supplying a venue to present them for sale.  A well presented venue can increase the return for the vendor.

Be careful of labelling the seller as unscrupulous.  If I buy a car and put it for sale, I expect to be truthful about the information passed on, but I do not need to detail each and every possible failure point.

I was looking at a rather nice 8-door at the Kissimmee auction and it looks beautiful.  However when you inspect the photos of the engine compartment, it is clear that vehicle has had an outside only restoration or refurbishment, the engine bay is very rough looking with rust and deterioration.  They did not hide that.  They just did not advertise it.  Auctions are always buyer beware!  The only way to get around it is as Bring A Trailer does, make it a week long auction.  One of the beauties of BaT over an auction house is that over the week duration of the auction, many people view and ask questions.  With an auction house you are pressed into bidding within a very tight timeline!


Follow this link and check the outside compared to the engine compartment.


Eric Taylor

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My experience recently helping several buyers from Mecum indicates they are definitely a Buyer Beware organization and should be avoided unless you are in person to inspect the car and get the particulars. I just re-rebuilt a carb and turbo for a buyer that was a horror show in what looked like a nice Corsa convertible that turned out to have a lot of rust and hidden damage. This is the second similar order in the past month. It's good that they are bringing good prices and sad that some are being flipped by unscrupulous sellers, Grant -----Original Message----- Today's Topics:


1. 20 plus Corvairs at Mecum (Matt )






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