<VV> Hot starting

Grant gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 17 13:22:01 EST 2022

Here are some ideas:
Leaking choke pull offs or choke flaps being pulled shut for some other reason (not sure what is meant by them being disconnected), but they should be propped open to be sure
Heavy carb float or adjustment not letting fuel shut off when needed
Partially plugged fuel line that will supply enough only at cold idle (chased this problem for weeks)
Bad new coil
Too many turns in on the idle speed screw
Good luck
-Subject: Hot Starting :
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110 HP 4 speed, New Fuel Pump, New Gas Tank, New Sender / Pick up, New Inline Clear Fuel Filters (not my choice) Rebuilt carburetors (filters removed), New Electronic (FAST) Ignition, New Cap, New Rotor, New 8MM wires, New Spark Plugs, New Oil and Filter. Note: Chokes are disconnected (not my idea either) All connections have double checked for leaks.
**Problem: Starts easily when Cold ?HARD TO START WHEN HOT AND RUNS ROUGH WHEN AT FULL TEMPERATURE?, Fuel Filters (Clear) lose fuel when hot. Once it starts it run rough, and hard to keep running. Once the car cools off, it starts right up and runs fine, until it gets to full operation Temperature, then it runs rough again.


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