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Cliff Tibbitts cliff at tibweb.com
Wed Jan 19 13:20:06 EST 2022

> "I have just finished working on a 1965 110HP Glide car.  I installed a
> high speed torque converter.In reverse there is no movement of the car
> until I give it a little throttle.  This is what I expected.  What I
> didn’t expect was that in Drive the car still moves forward without
> any throtleexcept the idle.  I have no experience with high speed stall
> converters but this seems strange.  Any info/help?"
> Others with more experience will weigh in I'm sure, but this is what I
know.  I have the high speed stall converter in my Rampside.  Like yours,
it moves in both gears, forward and reverse.  What it does allow me to do
is to have the idle set much lower in neutral than with the stock
converter.  Richard Jenkins, the man that Cal Clark credits for the idea of
the high speed stall converter installed them in several cars.  One, in
particular was his daughter-in-law's car.  It won the "slow drag race" at
Maggie Valley one year simply by having the car in drive.  It moved so
slowly everyone was convinced the emergency brake was on, but it wasn't.
Try setting your idle speed down a bit.

Cliff Tibbitts
cliff at tibweb.com

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