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VV Group at the Great Western Fan Belt Toss & Swap Meet, 1998

To see a close up of an individual, place your cursor over a number on the photo.

1. Christy Barden
2. Herb Berkman
3. Ed Corson
4. Dennis Pleau
5. Barry Gershenfeld
6. Rich Ernst
7. Don Meyer
8. Steve Brown
9. Vic Howard
10. Ray Mitchell
11. Mark Domzalski
12. Van Pershing
13. Seth Emerson
14. unknown
15. David Feasel
16. Harlan Colburn
17. Craig C. Miller
18. Duane Wentlandt
19. Kent Sullivan
20. Lane Morrison
21. Lew Rishel
22. Bob Galli
23. Finn Halbo
24. unknown
25. Marc Marcoulides
26. Frank Dotson
27. Dan Davis
28. Bob Helt
29. Don Bowen
30. unknown
31. unknown
32. Scott Bakar
33. Steve Goodman

Thanks to Dick Kaneshiro of the Corvair Center for the cool image display.


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