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Chuck Armer's "da Chuckster's Corvairs" features "Darth Vair," his modified '65 Corsa sport couple, and "Madeira," a beautiful, low mileage 1965 Monza convertible.


Gary Aube's "Corvair Corsa" offers 400 pages of Corvair content, over 800 photos and a large selection of links. Be sure to view the "Extra!" section for many interesting feature articles.


Bryan Blackwells' "Autocross Page" is a giant and credible resource including a wealth of technical information to help you optimize your Corvair's performance.


Charlie "Bud" Doerge is researching the history of the Yenko Stinger. A Stinger owner himself, Charlie shares his knowledge at his web site, Yenko Stinger dot com.


Andrew Gurudata's "A Great Car at any Speed" is a solid source of information, and includes sections on Corvairs that never were, Canadian Corvairs, some good pictures of Andrew's late model Monza sport coupe, and a large links section.


Norm Helmkay's "Ultra Van Tech Tips" page offers an archive of technical information about the Corvair-powered Ultra Van motor home.


Lawrence Jahn's collection of pictures shows the restoration of a 1963 Spyder from its discovery in storage to its happy completion.


Dick Kaneshiro's "Corvair Center" was one of the first Corvair sites on the Internet and remains one of the premiere sites, offering a forum, tech tips, and many great pictures. A must visit!


Mike Kellstrand's two sites in one; "My Corvair Page" and "My Greenbrier Page", offer pictures, interesting reading and factual information.


Al Lacki's site is devoted to Corvairs and all other rear-engine cars.  It includes a number of articles he authored over the past several years for a number of Corvair enthusiast publications, including the NJACE Fanbelt, LVCC Fifth Wheel, and CORSA Communique.


Eric Marschner offers the "Corvair Project," an interesting and interactive site featuring one of the largest collections of Corvair links on the Web, including some Corvair for Sale links.


Rick Norris (CORSA's first president) shares his memories of CORSA's early history, his collection of Corvair pictures, and photos of his amazing home shop facility. Check out his Corv-8!


Van Pershing offers up an excellent site based on his wealth of experience with Corvairs spanning early model cars, a 1963 Greenbrier, late models, and even a Yenko Stinger clone.


Steven J. Serenska's Ideal Garage is an artfully rendered site with plenty of helpful and interesting information for both the aspiring Corvair owner and the established Corvair collector. This Corvair site is a "must visit," and one of the best available.


Kent Sullivan's website, "CorvairKid" provides a plentiful and growing body of information on Canadian Corvairs, the Corvair 95 forward control trucks, and some well crafted feature articles. Don't miss his '66 Corsa restoration!


Thomas Stingl's "Corvairs in Switzerland & Germany" keeps us up to date on Corvair related activities in Germany and Switzerland. A fine European site!


Tim Verthein's good humored multi-media Corvair pages are guaranteed to please. Check out this entertaining site!


Norm Witte's website is warm and friendly and filled with good humor... not to mention some awesome Corvair content. Spend some time!


Benjamin Yaney's website features pictures and history of his 1962 Monza convertible, including photos of his work, awards he has won, and the cars of friends he cruises with.


Inclusion on this list is available to VV members only. To have your web site listed please send a request, along with your site's URL, to Gary Aube at: gaube@corvaircorsa.com

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