[V8Vairs] parts for sale

Me Too dailygrind4ever at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 29 17:54:54 EST 2005

Attention fellow 'Vair buffs, 
I have a garage FULL of Corvair original parts:

2; 140 hp motors
2; 110 hp motors
2; unknown motors ('Vair w/single intake per side)

2; powerglide auto transaxles
1; saginaw 4 speed transmission w/o differential

2; windshields '65 up
1; windshield '64 down
2; backglass '65 up

assorted trim (several complete, original, unrestored

2; original bench seats

many, many interior pieces, heating ducts, etc.

12 sets of original 'Vair hubcaps

1 original glass washer-fluid container with all
original stickers (perfect condition!)

I have many, many more parts than this and wanted to
give you all the opportunity to purchase these parts
before I head off to Ebay.  No reasonable offer will
be refused, and I will find the cheapest/most reliable
method of shipping so that your purchase will not be
damaged in transit.  Unfortunately I have had to
shelve my V8 'Vair project car for a while, as other
adult interests have captured my attention (purchasing
a house and renovating it) and I need the room in the
garage.  My loss is your gain...
Trent McCaskill

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