[V8Vairs] Fan under hood !

Brown, Douglas T CIV NAVAIR DEPT douglas.t.brown at navy.mil
Wed Jan 24 16:35:45 EST 2007

It sounds like you don't have an engine cover.  I've seen people run
without them, but the heat and noise was always an issue.  My car isn't
done, but I will have an engine cover below the window level to keep
heat and noise out of the interior.  My car has a rear radiator that
will have dual electric puller fans and a scoop under it to direct air.
This setup will also help to draw hot air away from the engine.

You should have a front air dam to lower the air pressure passing under
the car, and you might try building an engine cover.  If you want to
keep the engine exposed, be sure to seal off the passenger area in front
of it.  You could mount some puller fans above the trans and duct them
to pull air out, but I don't know how effective they would be.  Maybe
combined with a scoop below the front of the engine they would work, but
you're getting pretty close to the ground at that point.  There are some
good pics of Rick's setup here:


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Subject: [V8Vairs] Fan under hood !

  Does anyone have a fan under the engine lid moving
  the fume/heat off the back window or an opening
  to the rear grill?

  If not why? how do u cope with the heat and fumes? 
  Any pictures would be appreciated :)


  Tony I. 


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